We provide:

Our Bogorlab Service for People

Our Bogorlab Service for People

Environmental Sample Testing

  • Water / Seawater
  • Sediment and Soil
  • Air Quality 

Environmental Monitoring
  • Baseline Study
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (AMDAL)
  • Contaminated Site

Health & Industrial Hygiene
  • Drinking Water Quality
  • Microbiological Testing

Laboratory Training & Development
  • Quality Control & Assurance Program
  • Environmental Facility Design
  •  Laboratory Methods & Technique
  • Analytical Capability Assessment

Quality Control & Assurance Programs

Credible result of analysis mainly depends on how QC and QA program applied in laboratory  operation.  bogorlab implements a quality system that covers all operations. This QC/QA start from analysis inquiry to report delivery.

In analysis mechanisn we devote a 20% effort toward ensuring the reliability and validity of the data generated